Do people take advantage of your niceness? Do you have trouble honestly communicating your feelings? If so, you may be an Earth Angel. Doreen Virtue - Assertiveness for Earth Assertiveness for Empaths and Earth Angels. – 3 hour Workshop. Facilitated by Chandita Choudhury. Date & Time: June 3rd (Saturday) pm.

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Assertiveness for Earth Angels book. Read 85 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Do people take advantage of your niceness? In. In this groundbreaking book, Doreen Virtue teaches Earth Angels &#; Assertiveness for Earth Angels is for anyone who wants to. Read or Download Free ( by clicking bellow. Your browser indicates if you've visited this linkAs a recovering people pleaser, "Too.

The second section talks about being assertive in rela I was drawn to this book when I saw a review by one of my book club https: This is such a helpful book! So glad I did. Their emotional energy affects us directly.

I got very inspired. How To Hear Your Angels. The I AM Discourses.

Assertiveness for Earth Angels- How to be Loving Instead of “Too Nice.”

No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! I found the author quite married to her own belief system in a way that can interfere with the proffered advice. Mary, Queen of Angels.

Messages From Your Angels. I found the author quite married to her own belief system in a way that can interfere with the proffered advice. Jul 22, Amy Lape rated it liked it.

A psychic told me to read this book. Felt repetitive.

Powerful This is exactly what i needed at this point in my life! I will practice the techniques given in this book. Feb 07, Awenydd Orchantra Faeryn rated it liked it. So, I must say that while reading this book, many times I felt disappointed by its contents.

I think that in order for people, many of whom are ruled by their ego, to identify with this book, she speaks inclusively generic, and exerts a lot of negativity into the book, which, while reading, would shift my energy levels up and down. I understand that she was trying to bring attention to the negative ways for many Earth Angels who exist on this planet, but rather than be life-affirming, many times it became too bogged down in repetitive, over-description of these negative habits, and so as reading as one who who is highly sensitive, and the audience to which she is writing to, in her words: Earth Angels are so attuned to energy.

We can feel when others are stressed, angry, sad, or uncomfortable. Their emotional energy affects us directly. While reading books, I keep a journal and this is an excerpt from my entry for this book: The ending is much better than the beginning, I felt a definite shift in her voice, and much more wisdom here. I have been healing with trees for as long as I can remember, so I liked that this practice was recognized and included in this book for others to connect and benefit with.

A few quotes I enjoyed or thought that others would benefit from reading: The more you explain why, the more leverage the other person has, which he or she can use to manipulate you into changing that no into a yes. The honest answer to this question can help reveal hidden fears of which you were unaware. It is a crystal that resonates with energy vibrations. Your life purpose could be the one to change the world and save the entire planet…Power comes from God, plain and simple.

Since you can never be detached from this power, no one can block you from it-that is, unless you give it away. Review featured on www. Feb 06, Annie Hurley rated it it was amazing.

No one deserves that power over you.

When I first read the table of contents of Assertiveness for Earth Angels: Not too far into the book I was wondering: Once you finish reading this book, you will have a crystal clear idea of the differences between passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive, and assertive behaviors, and will understand why it is essential for all of us to strengthen our assertiveness muscles.

We not only have a right to feel the ways we feel, but a responsibility to ourselves and others to honestly express our feelings and opinions. A major theme of this book is the concept of personal power. Allowing others to define us, fearing them, and asking for permission to follow our dreams are all ways that we might be giving away our power.

Virtue explains that it is peaceful to be powerful, and being powerful encompasses honoring our feelings and standing up for ourselves while respecting others' rights. We are not doormats. We must create and maintain healthy boundaries with others.

By having our own boundaries, we are teaching others that they can have their own healthy boundaries. Saying no to someone doesn't have to necessarily be a bad thing. There is also a good amount of discussion of people-pleasing one of the chapters I was eager to get to. Virtue provides excellent explanations as to why people-pleasers have developed their habits, and explains why the assertive approach is a much better way to live.

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What a relief to hear that faking being okay with things that are not okay is detrimental in every direction. There is a better way, starting with practicing expressing honest feelings once a day. Assertiveness for Earth Angels provides plenty of real life examples of things one could do today to start feeling more valued and less walked-over.

There is a chapter that provides very detailed descriptions of the different types of energy-draining personalities we might come into contact with, and how to effectively handle interactions with them or discontinue the relationship, when necessary. I had never heard the phrase "green flags" before, but I really liked that as a way of thinking about following inner guidance.

I wasn't expecting this book to get into practical advice about how to pursue your dreams, but I was pleasantly surprised when it did. Virtue simplifies the whole mess of "is there enough time? There is never a perfect time. The perfect day to work towards our dreams is today, without question! I would recommend approaching this book with an open mind. There may be some ideas or concepts that seem "out-there", but I am glad I didn't let that stop me from learning all of the amazing lessons this book has to offer.

I loved every minute of it, and copied out plenty of quotes to refer back to. This was the first book I have read by Doreen Virtue, although I have seen and heard her speak. I will definitely be checking out her other books after this one. I end with the ultimate call to action from Ms. Pull your weight, get to work, do your share, and help the rest of us. There are real-world issues that need your attention, now! Feb 19, Shannon L.

Gonzalez rated it it was amazing. Doreen Virtue is known for blending her psychological background with her belief in the Angelic realm. This book is a prime example of blending of those beliefs. However, anyone that needs to be assertive can benefit from the lessons taught here within. When their rage eventually rises at the injustice, they become aggressive to their great detriment.

It does teach that by withholding emotions, virtually shutting down, it is their own way of manipulating relationships or attempting to control them. Basically, it boils down to control. The advantage-takers control when the nice earth angels want to help too much.

In the end, this book is about communication. Learning to communicate effectively so a generous person is not taken advantage of, and hopefully that an advantageous person sees how they affect overly-generous people.

Doreen Virtue

This book has little gems of wisdom throughout. It hits on many types of personality that would fit into these stereotypes of being generous.


Enabling people, Co-dependent, Rescuers, etc. This book can help those who believe in the angelic realm or not.

The psychological help in being assertive without being aggressive will appeal to many in our society. It is a wonderful look into the psyche and all of its complications as a result of societal conditioning. It is a relationship book that teaches how to communicate effectively, but also to bring to light how others affect us by their actions and conversely how our actions affect others. To see other works by Doreen Virtue visit her website at: Feb 17, Deanna Joseph rated it it was amazing.

Easy to understand explanations of assertiveness vs. Also a great chapter on certain behaviors, why tolerating people with those behaviors is harmful, and how to handle people with those behaviors; ie. Definitely written from a new age point of view, and her audience is those who are highly sensitive.

What an inspiring book! I'm neither a religious person nor arrogant enough to think my truth would be the only reality.

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I felt skeptic and embarrassed to start reading this book, but I was so curious that I couldn't resist. I succeed to keep open mind and I enjoyed reading this book very much. I got very inspired. I need to write myself a note including quotes from this book to remind myself this energetic and inspired feeling I have now right after finishing reading this book. I warmly recommen What an inspiring book! I warmly recommend this book to "too nice" people, even if you don't consider yourself a religious person.

This book has very practical ideas how to stand your ground, how to take care of yourself and motivation why. I was especially inspired to learn interesting point of view of ego and addictions. I'm very happy that I got past my prejudice and read this book.

Jan 13, Kelly rated it it was amazing. I was intrigued by this book. I will do some of the work that she mentions. I need to clear my energies so that I can become what I am meant to do. It was a very insightful book. It spoke to my soul, gave me a clear perspective on what my life purpose can be. I am a different kind of human, and the kind I am makes me a little weird or strange, but that's ok. I now have a better understanding of who I am, and what I am suppose to do even if fear is in my way, the Ego of the mind gets in the way I was intrigued by this book.

I now have a better understanding of who I am, and what I am suppose to do even if fear is in my way, the Ego of the mind gets in the way a lot, some times certain people do to, but if no one ever failed they wouldn't strive to be better.

I am working on self improvement, so I can be a better lightworker for the planet and for our future, so that is the reason I gave this book five stars. I am definitely going to download a hard copy of this book for future references.

May 05, Andreea Deea rated it it was amazing. This is such a beautiful and helpful book. Are you a sensitive person? Sometimes the lessons would be accompanied by visual or auditory teachings.

I'd see visions or hear a voice in my right ear, which is the way the angels have communicated with me since I was a child. The first lesson I learned was that sensitive people like me were "sent" here as Earth Angels with an important mission: to defuse and reduce conflict on this planet. Our mission doesn't involve ignoring conflict. It involves resolving it. We Earth Angels are like loving-but-firm parents sent here to express God's benevolent power to help others.

Here's an example by way of analogy: If a child wants to only eat candy and says that doing so makes him happy, would a good parent allow this? Of course not. Even if the child cries or gets angry, a good parent must say no to the request to continually eat candy. The parent may moderate this response by occasionally giving candy, or may substitute healthier treats. However the situation is handled, though, it comes down to the parent being strong enough to say no.

That metaphor is applicable to our life mission. When there's conflict on the planet--whether it's an argument between partners or feuds between countries--it's akin to little children throwing tantrums because they're not getting their way.

We as Earth Angels need to assume the parental role, bringing about a peaceful resolution.

Managing conflict can be uncomfortable because Earth Angels are so attuned to energy. We can feel when others are stressed, angry, sad, or uncomfortable.However, what it is missing is more at the end about different energy work techniques or other tools to help separate other people's energy, mood and emotions from the experience of an Earth Angel so they can be more successful in life. Ultimately, while I am glad that I read it, because of the insights into how changing yourself to make people like you is manipulating them, most of the book was a slog to get through for me.

Enabling people, Co-dependent, Rescuers, etc. Sorry I threw away my money in this one. The I AM Discourses.

This is a book filled with genuine advice to h In this book, author Doreen Virtue applies both her metaphysical and psychological training to help Earth Angels her term for lightworkers be more assertive and get past their instinct to be "too nice.