What are the best book summary websites? Are any of the paid sites worth the money? Do you have any personal summaries to share?. Spencer Kelty, Published poet and journalist, infatuated with books of many genres. What are the best sites for downloading free copies of electronic books ?. Torrent: If the book is popular but you didn't find that book on above mentioned sites then there is high chance you will find that here. (Use it at your own risk.).

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What Are the Top 5 Best Torrent Sites for EBooks_ - Quora - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. top. Check out these Quora tactics so as to increase your upvotes, rankings, and also drive incredible traffic to your website, sales page or social accounts. This question was originally answered on Quora by Marcus Geduld. It's reached the point where I have to get rid of a book if I want to download a.

Once you hit enter, Quora will find a slew of questions that meet your requirement. Once you have answered a couple of questions in a particular category, you will start to notice that Quora users will request for you to answer their questions as well…which is nice. This is a good sign that you are being seen as an authority on the subject. But, to get people to take your answer seriously, and click on your links, you need to write out a well thought out response that provide real value.

Many people who stumble on Quora searching for an answer will quickly scroll through the answer options and choose one or maybe two to read.

It is for this reason that you need to structure your response so that it is appealing to their eyes. Thus, you need to make your response stick out. So make sure you spend some time on your answer. It will be a big part of whether or not you will succeed with this tactic. Well, it turns out that there are a couple of ways to get your Quora to the top, and the best way is through upvotes.

The Answer with the most upvotes will usually rise to the top. To get more upvotes, make sure you provide an excellent response.

Follow what we discussed above and ensure your response is ordered and structured for those that skim. Another way to get more upvotes is to share it with your friends and family or post it on your social media.

Just check out those numbers. The above picture is of my Quora Analytics showing how many people have seen my Quora answers in as little as three months. Not bad right. But does that translate into visitors of your site or book sales page?

You bet! Check out the picture below of my Analytics account for sitepreneur. Nick Loper, the master behind Side Hustle Nation podcast and a good friend of mine saw similar results as well as improved engagement from that form of traffic. Now, I will admit, to build that amount of traffic I spent a lot of time on Quora. To reach that level, I had reserved a couple of hours a week so as to be able to answer questions and keep a constant presence.

I wrote the above information five months ago. Sometimes our initial efforts seem too good to be true…and they end up not being that great. It is true that the information above is correct, but here is the long term look at what that effort did for me, my sites, and my books.

I learned that Quora gives new questions a lot of love, but will quickly let your answer sink to the bottom over time.

This is good and bad. After two months of working on Quora, I stopped.

Parents say

When I stopped, I saw the number plummet. At least my Quora posts provided traffic for months while my post on Facebook lasts for 24 hours. Best Site to Download Books Legally I'd copy the text shown below, deliberately removing the le size information!

Have to say that. And you know. So there is no question. Of top 5.

If you don't get that on any Ebook torrent site. Then Google it. There are plenty of sites for particularly for ebooks free ebooks Here is a trick atleast I consider it as a trick here the best list of torrent sites to Type on Google: And then see magic. If you know how to trace that magic. Go try. Mudassar Choughule.

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Sajin Sahadev. Rajnandini Patil. Atul Sharma. Nirav Tank. Lakshay Kakkar. Tarun Yadav. Mithun Sharma. Jasmin Mehta. Llaxman Vikas. Shubhashish Bhakta.

8 Books for Getting Started With Computer Vision

David Villarreal. Jitendra Singh Rauthan.

Lusiana Phan. Fariz Phoenix Erdhinata. Vaibhav Deshmukh. Rishabh Tripathi. Abdul Rahim.

Nakul Yadav. Carla Tate. Foru Raju. Raghunath Kulkarni.

Debarchan Basu. More From Bhaskar Nandi. Bhaskar Nandi.

Pragathees Waran. Roii Royy.

How To Become A Social Media Influencer In Ten Simple Steps

Oliver Sanvictores. Most of Quora's content is submitted by users; they even wrote much of the site's basic FAQ information. There's no regular screening process in place to confirm all information posted on the site is correct, and the site relies on users to designate helpful responses. That system doesn't always provide the best level of quality, and it can make finding a complete, accurate answer complicated at times.

Are sites Really Worth It?

But Quora does have some selling points: Its format gives users a chance to learn about a wide variety of topics according to Quora, there are currently posts about more than , , and some authoritative sources post responses, according to Quora -- including CEOs and journalists. Quora can be a place for people to pose simple questions and share personal experiences. However, parents may want to let kids know that some things they read on the site may not be factual.

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Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids aboutCommon Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from site or iTunes when you use our links to make a download.

If my site breaks, it's no big deal. Hairil Rahman.

Parents will most likely want to discuss teens' profile settings to ensure all site activity remains private. Request From Quora We will distribute this question to writers, and notify you about new answers. Get It Now! Quora allows users to create user profiles with visible real names, photos, site use statistics, etc.