Find tips for taking photos that highlight your items and make them look great for both desktop and mobile site downloaders. Including several high quality pictures is one of the best ways to attract downloaders to your listings. site's photo uploader makes it easy to add and edit photos of your items. To add pictures to your listing, use the photo uploader in our listing forms. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and on site, that can certainly be true! We all know that taking great photos is key to getting more downloaders.

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Understanding how to take photos for site can make all the difference between a sale and a flop. Follow these 9 tips to boost your sales while. Expert sharing professional secrets: Learn how to take good pictures to boost your online sales, whether you sell on site, your site or any. You're hoping to strike gold as an site seller. You've lined up the items you want to sell, determined the prices, and set up the best shipping.

When you list an item for sale on site, you have to include at least one picture. The first picture you add, called the gallery photo, appears next to your item's title in search results and is the main photo in your listing. You can add up to 12 pictures.

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We store copies of your photos on site and they'll stay in your completed listings for up to 90 days. You can re-use them if you relist the item or create a new listing for something similar. To add pictures to your listing, use the photo uploader in our listing forms.

It's sometimes also called the site picture manager.

Our system won't be able to find your updated photo if the URL isn't changed in your listing. If you don't revise your listing with a new URL, your listing could be canceled. Avoid Using Stock Photos It is against site policy to use stock photos without the express written permission of the owner.

In other words, if you are selling a pair of Birkenstock sandals, using a photo from Google Images or Zappos is not permitted. Manufacturers are unlikely to give any site seller the use of their images unless the seller has an exclusive selling agreement or the item is in a drop ship catalog. Furthermore, stock photos do not show the actual condition of the item being offered, especially for used items. Always take your own photos so that the downloader sees exactly what they are getting.

Familiarize yourself with the site Images and Text Policy so that you are doing everything correctly. Take Photos in Natural Daylight Photos usually come out better when taken in natural sunlight.

Avoid using harsh flashes which can alter the color of items and create glare or reflections and if possible photograph items outside—weather permitting. Otherwise, most sellers find a good spot is inside the home near a window or glass door where natural daylight comes in several hours a day. If you can't take photos with natural sunlight, try making a simple and inexpensive light box or light tent.

Use a Solid Background There is nothing more distracting than a busy or messy background that distracts from the item. Make sure that the color in your photos accurately represents the items you are selling. If it does not, this is probably because of the flash, so have a play around with the settings, or try using no flash at all.

Learn to edit. You don't need to be a Photoshopping-airbrushing whizz kid, but it does help if you can crop a few bits here, and adjust the exposure there. Related posts you may be interested in Comments Sign me up to become a free member of SaleHoo. Login to comment. Ethan Murray on SamSable on Chris Rung on Sharon OReilly on 3: Cheers Sharon Reply.

9 Tips on How to Take Photos for site

Della 7 on 3: I have been selling clothing on site for a number of years now and use all that you have sugested, but I still have no luck with Black Items?? I always photograph Bags, and shoes on a red sitin background, they come up fabulous. I use a half model,but agree that a full one is the way to go. Thanks very much! But I want to know how to do the job in site?

Share the good pictures to you http: You can position the arms and legs or whatever to make it look more attractive! ALSO, sometimes a close up of an item in the gallery photo is better than showing the entire item--depending what it is. I use close ups for a tablecloth, a set of 20 vintage christmas cards, a piece of fabric, etc. The close up is more atractive to catch the eye and then the first photo in the listing can be the entire item. Manny on 7: Pontoon Expert on You need to make your pictures look good so the customer can feel like they are holding it in their hands.

William L. Salmons on S Would it be worthwhile to use 3d photos, as I own a 3d camera.

Expert Advise: How to Take Good Pictures to Boost Your site Sales

JamJulUs on You'll want to crop and resize the photo and perhaps tweak the color or contrast. The fastest way to create most of these problems is to use a flash.

Try to avoid the collapsing garage with the mildewed sofa out front, and angle your camera toward the woods or street instead. They might actually be a great shoe, but very few people are going to be interested.

Too small, and site will reject them.

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He often has a snack whilst casually waiting for the bus. We're learning a lot and so will you. When you think about the shoes above, do you feel excited about downloading the ones on the left?