Retire Young Retire Rich: How to Get Rich Quickly and Stay Rich Forever! by Robert T. Kiyosaki. Read online. Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. In this fifth addition to his highly successful "Rich Dad" site Store · site eBooks · Business & Money. Apr 17, In the past years, personal finance advocate Robert Kiyosaki has been giving away free copies of his books. It may be his way of creating more.

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Rich Dad's Retire Young, Retire Rich book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Imagine being able to make so much money at a. Retire Young Retire Rich Cara Cepat Menjadi Kaya dan Tetap Kaya Selamanya! Pages·· MB·1, Downloads·Indonesian. Rich dad's retire. Aug 4, The Rich Dad Company has made Retire Young Retire Rich available for free eBook download beginning today. Download Retire Young.

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Rich Dad's Advisors®: Retire Young, Retire Rich

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Total scam! Mass Market Paperback Verified download. The book is really easy to understand and to read, the message Robert gives is good and can help you change your mindset to be more financially independent but please beware of richdad education.

After downloading this book I immediately received ads all over social Media Facebook and instagram about Rich dad education seminars. So you can have access to a mentor.

They never talk about what I was promised at first on any real estate strategy. Please beware of this scam. I posted the packages they almost force to download and the questionnaire are you need to submit so they know how much money you have and or how you can get a loan to download their package.

I bought the original about 18 years ago and it changed my families destiny for the better.

I am glad the reprint came out as it prompted me to reread it and deepen my understanding. Some people complain that this book does not give a step by step process for change. I would counter that one size shoe does not fit all feet. There are many individual paths to wealth, and Kiyosaki sets the guiding stars to navigate by, but you have to walk your own individual road.

Some key concepts of this book are: Liabilities take money out of your pocket, therefore your house is a liability [unless you rent out rooms and the garage as one person I know did while rebuilding his asset base]. Net Worth is similar to potential energy, to use it you have to spend it, then it is gone.

Cash Flow is like power from a hydroelectric dam, constantly replenished. The rich don't work for money, they work for assets.

The tax laws are fair from the standpoint that the laws that the rich spent billions of dollars to have modified and interpreted apply to everyone who learns how to use them. A great foundation book for beginning to improve your financial intelligence so that you don't work 4 or more month's of every year for the Tax man, more months for the banks that hold your mortgage and credit cards, and whatever is left making the company you work for wealthy.

Good luck on your journey to being Rich, poor, or middle class. I read this book about 11 years ago at 27 years old , had no money, I followed the advice in this book and now have 15 rental properties paid off free and clear, my assets more than cover all my expenses.

I just bought this book again, I'm in the middle of reading it again now 11 years later and can't put it down. I hate reading btw. I plan on reading this book at least three more times over the next 20 years so I can keep all info fresh in my mind. People always ask me about success.

I tell them to read this book You can lead a horse to water but can't make it drink. The book changed my life and it will change yours. Do you want change or do you just want to talk and think about change?

There is a big difference , do it. A very motivational book without a lot of practical steps to magically achieve the goals listed. Some inaccurate information such as Charles Schwab dying penniless. More important is the author filed for bankruptcy in Why is that?

Research it on your own. For most people this will motivate them to THINK differently and think outside the box, but not necessarily ACT differently, as we still need money to live on and have to work some and not just dream big without action and income behind it. This books contrasts another book "The Millionaire Next Door.

I'd rather apply Biblical money principles from people like Dave Ramsey. All in all a fun good read for mental stimulation. I owned this book in the past and wanted to reorder it to read it again. Instead of getting the book I expected, I received a tiny, hand sized book, with print that is too small and that is, frankly, hard to open all the way in order to read the words near the binder.

So the book is utterly useless.

With all the complaints about this tiny book, I'm not sure why that is the book that automatically comes up when you search for the book. Instead, the normal sized book should be the default, and then people can select the pocket sized book if they want. So I would say that the content of the book is excellent.

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Retire Young Retire Rich Available for FREE Download

Still, we appreciate getting a copy of a popular personal finance book at no cost. Kiyosaki now focuses on the power of debt leveraging in order to work less and earn more. Beginning with the principle of changing attitudes about financial freedom, he explains the difference between earned income and passive or investment income, managing good debt that makes money for you, such as in real estate, the fundamental concern about k retirement plans that are too focused on stock market performance, and the need to create a long-term financial freedom plan and the emotional discipline to stick to it.

This book is primarily about the power of leverage. It demonstrates how Kiyosaki started with nothing and retired financially free in less than ten years.

Kiyosaki further breaks the book down into three sections:. How important is leverage?

Free PDF ebook: ‘Retire Young, Retire Rich’ by Robert Kiyosaki

In quoting his Rich Dad, Kiyosaki states: Leverage is one of the secrets of the rich. It is how Kiyosaki was able to start without money and amass a fortune… and how you can too. The message of the book is correct: One element is missing, though. The risk of building a business is also high, as well as failure rate.

Kiyosaki is a very successful businessman, but like many other successful people he fails to mention the role of chance in building a successful business. Yes, if you persevere, you may build a good business and become financially independent.

But you also have a chance of being broke, bankrupt and have a heart attack. Personally, it got me thinking in the right direction again after going a few months without action toward my financial goal, so in that sense, it was worth my time.

Some, though, dislike the book for its lack of specifics and for supposedly merely rehashing some of the ideas in his earlier Rich Dad books.You are wrong and he is right.

To reitre rich one must get rich source of passive income. Excellent read.

It seems that even turtles can push along with a sudden gust of tailwind. After downloading this book I immediately received ads all over social Media Facebook and instagram about Rich dad education seminars.

How many things do we feel are not true yet are? Never be afraid to fail.