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Ex ponto ;: Nemiri ; Lirika (Sabrana djela Ive Andrica) [Ivo Andric] on site. com. *FREE* Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App. About Us. We believe everything in the internet must be free. So this tool was designed for free download documents from the internet. Las™ Read books Ex Ponto has Ratings · 10 Reviews. Author: Ivo Andrić. Ex Ponto je knjiga stihova u prozi koju je napisao Ivo Andrić godine.

In Andric published another collection of stories, Lica Faces. He has also written several essays, prominent among which is Zapisi o Goji, Notes on Goya , Ivo Andric was one of the famous writers in the world and a distinguished diplomat.

He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in He died on March 13, Those of you who want to look into the labyrinth of Balkan history will find this book very useful. This is a book about social changes in this region. It pivots upon the contrast between the small parochial existence of the quiet Bosnian town where the bridge is the central and everlasting feature versus the wider world of Balkan politics where Ottoman Turkey, Orthodox Serbia, and Catholic Austria-Hungary wage a centuries-long battle for political domination.

The book is filled with memorable characters, soldiers, lovers, saloon-keepers, priests, and town leaders.

Ivo Andrić

There is the 19th-century schoolmaster who keeps a small notebook of historical events but fails to record them. It takes place on July 13, receiving the recommendation to be published. The author's position is a negative one, critical of the Ottoman regime.

On October 31, he is called to the headquarters of the Belgrade Foreign Ministry. He does research work in the archives on the period of the French consulate in Travnik On January 1, sent to Switzerland as a member of the Yugoslav Permanent Delegation to the League of Nations in Geneva, being appointed deputy next year. On March 17, he writes in Belgrade to be released from the position, but the situation is precipitating: in ten days, a pro-Western group of Yugoslav air forces removes regency and appoints Peter as king.

Hitler's reaction is immediate and brutal: on April, 9 Yugoslavia is invaded. He is retired from the diplomatic service, but refuses to receive the pension offered as a sign of non collaboration with the puppet government set up by the Germans.

From the same point of view, he refuses the position offered in Zagreb and also because of his Croatian origin. He agrees to stay for the next three years in Belgrade, in a friend's apartment, under conditions that some biographers resemble with a home arrest.

Thus, he joins the long line of refugees that were in the same situation. Shameful, he will return to the apartment, which he will not leave even during the heaviest bombings. In October, the Red Army and the partisans will banish the Germans from the capital, which will bring the power to Tito.

His return to public life will only take place after their entry into Belgrade. Also in the same month he becomes the president of the Union of Writers in Yugoslavia.

April Deputy of the National Assembly of Yugoslavia. Documents made public over half a century show that he was elected by the Nobel Committee before other nominees, such as J.

The Committee cites the "the epic force with which he has traced themes and depicted human destinies drawn from his country's history". The whole amount was then donated for library books in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In March , he got ill while he was traveling to Cairo and he returned to Belgrade for an operation. He is forced to cancel other promotion tours in Europe and North America, but his works are translated and published in other languages. He is hospitalized in December in a hospital in Belgrade.

Here he will slip into a coma. It is cremated and the remains are placed on the Alley of Distinguished Citizens in the new Belgrade Cemetery. About 10, people took part in the funeral. There is a bridge on Drina Their fates were so intertwined that they could not be imagined separately and could not be told separately.

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The above symbiosis becomes eloquent, reflected in every story told for each generation, in every smile seen on the face of the inhabitants, as well as in every tear that these people, or others, pour into different stages of a troubled history. It is a history that focuses, as in a micro-universe, as a kernel of the wider history of the Balkans.

The history begins with a long line of Serbian children taken into captivity by the Turks to be forcefully made Allah's janissaries and faithful.

D Ciprian Iulian Toroczkai way to Istanbul by troubled mothers, as on their last journey. Insensitive to the threats of the Ottoman guards, they inevitably ended their journey at the Drina River. At that time there was no bridge, and the passage remained exclusively in the hands of the boatman But it is from the very bosom of such a convoy, of children carried in panniers, that the one who will build the bridge will appear. Originally from Sokolovici, he kept in memory the passing of Drina as an existential rupture, as a crucial moment in his life His thought was that he might be able to cure this torment "if he could do away with that ferry on the distant Drina, around which so much misery and inconvenience gathered and increased incessantly, and bridge the steep banks and the evil water between them, join the two ends of the road which was broken by the Drina and thus link safely and forever Bosnia and the East, the place of his origin and the places of his life.

Thus it was he who first, in a single moment behind closed eyelids, saw the firm graceful silhouette of the great stone bridge which was to be built there. In a chilled and reddened hand he held a small curved knife with which he absent-mindedly whittled at the edges of his pannier, but at the same time looked about him.

See Ibidem, p. The way in which the bridge will rise, as well as its original meanings, will be the theme of the next chapter of our study. In any case, after its completion, the bridge became a silent witness of the history of a tormented land, a witness unchanged and unchangeable It is then that the stories of individual or collective destinies ending in tragedy — most of the time — or sometimes having a happy end less rarely are to be told.

Concise and selective we still remember some of these stories. The force of the elements and the weight of common misfortune brought all these men together and bridged, at least for this one evening, the gulf that divided one faith from the other 14 This is an idea excessively used by the writer.

To see as an example: Ibidem, p. Ibidem, p.

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The many and important changes which had taken place in the spirits and habits of the citizens and in the outward appearance of the town seemed although they had passed by the bridge without affecting it. They are more important than houses, more sacred than temples, for they are of everyone, equal to everyone, they are useful, because they are constructively built in the places where the greatest number of human need crossing.

Details at Alberto Giorgio Cassani, "Il ponte e il suo angelo. Rivista di storia contemporana, 25 , no. D Ciprian Iulian Toroczkai and, especially, the rayah from the Turks.

The disastrous effects seem to be passed through an imposed indifference, an acceptance of the fate from the Almighty - whether it is Yahweh, Allah or God - and by stories.

The last ones, therefore, pass a narrative role, acquiring a soteriological one Thus, we find the story of the prayers spoken by the representatives of each religion, in which, despite the hardships, there does not lack irony as a weapon in the face of the fate of the destiny. Both of them die in a hug, as if they were in a circle of love of faith.

The story of the diseases, like plague and cholera, which made the rulers close the bridge in the hope that the plague would not spread in the city The unfortunate story of Avd-aga's daughter, Fatima, who, promised to be the wife of Nail-bei of Nezuke, the only son of Mustai-bei, chose on the wedding day, proudly, to throw herself off the bridge in Drina The story of other Serb uprisings, such as that of Karageorge, or the one from the second half of the 19th century, when the elder Turks have already begun to 16 Ibidem, p.

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Father Jovan had gone out to the banks, collected the people, and began to read a prayer that the rain should cease and the waters recede. Read the summer one, the one for ram; that will help the waters dry up! See the fierce discussion between Ali- hogea and Osman-efendi on kapia The story of the transition under the Austro-Hungarian power, through which the law begins to implacably govern on the ancestral customs.

The promotion of the letter, of the discipline, is mentioned by the poster attached to the kapia, just under the Turkish inscription dug in stone26, but especially by the meeting of the three representatives of the religious confessions summoned by the Colonel- Commander: Mula Husein, Husein-aga, Rabbi David Levi. In total contradiction with their expectations, the meeting is very short, and the spokesperson of the authority sounds like an implacable verdict: each to do the right thing!

The schism between "outer" and "inner" is now evident, though later they reach a common denominator, influencing each other The story of Milan Glasincianin, who played on the bridge, with a mysterious stranger the devil himself?

Then the story of the Jew Bukus Goan and of the gold ducat found on the bridge and taken by him on a Sabbath day, which brought him and his family only bad luck There are also added the stories of Jakov Cekarlia, the outlaw and of his wise paramour32, of the worthy commemoration innkeeper Lotika33, of the semi-crazy Chioru, who was in love with Pasha34 but who had to marry a rich Turk, of hagi Omer, of the Italian Pietro Sola35, of the fierce Ali-hogea, who unraveled the significance of the historical events, but also the importance of the bridge36, of the high school students who came back from various university centers Sarajevo, 25 Ibidem, pp.

Its members were vehemently criticized by both Serb and Croat nationalists, who dismissed them as "traitors to their nations". On 28 February , he spoke before a crowd of student protesters at Sarajevo's railway station, urging them to continue their demonstrations. This led to his being reprimanded by the university. While in Vienna, he joined South Slav students in promoting the cause of Yugoslav unity and worked closely with two Yugoslav student societies, the Serbian cultural society Zora Dawn and the Croatian student club Zvonimir, which shared his views on "integral Yugoslavism" the eventual assimilation of all South Slav cultures into one.

As the month progressed, the two became increasingly uneasy about the escalating political crisis that followed the Archduke's assassination and eventually led to the outbreak of World War I.

Given that most of his friends had already been arrested for nationalist activities, he was certain the same fate would befall him. He arrived there on 22 March and was placed under the supervision of local Franciscan friars. In return, he assisted the parish priest and taught religious songs to pupils at the monastery school. And she can't grasp all that has happened to me in that time, nor the whole of my crazy, cursed existence.

She cries, kisses me and laughs in turn. Like a mother.

He was thus registered with a non-combat unit until February of the following year. On 2 July , Emperor Charles declared a general amnesty for all of Austria-Hungary's political prisoners.

He was then transferred to the Reservospital in Zenica, where he received treatment for several months before continuing to Zagreb.

He returned to Zagreb two weeks later. All evidence suggests he had a strong distaste for the ceremony and pomp that accompanied his work in the diplomatic service, but according to Hawkesworth, he endured it with "dignified good grace".

He was transferred to the consulate in Trieste , where he arrived on 9 December.As the month progressed, the two became increasingly uneasy about the escalating political crisis that followed the Archduke's assassination and eventually led to the outbreak of World War I. D Ciprian Iulian Toroczkai is engaged at St. For him, both Martyria and the Eucharist are the "cure of immortality and the medicine against death" St.

His first novel, Put Alije Djerzeleza The Journey of Alija Djerzelez , published in , manifests a dominant trait of his creative process. The following March, he fell ill while on a trip to Cairo and had to return to Belgrade for an operation.

Each of them has something to tell us and none is superfluous. Although, as he himself complains, the new duties leave him a Assistant Professor Ph. On the other hand, it was now clear to all of them how he was exalted and set apart.

He returned to Zagreb two weeks later. The organization militated for the unity and the friendship of young Serbs and Croats against the Austro-Hungarian occupation.